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The 41th Int. Montan-Turnier
from june 7th to 10th, 2019


Fechthallen BSA-Wedau III
Margaretenstr. 20
47055 Duisburg

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Saturday, 08th of June 2019

08.30 am - HFL 
08.30 am - DFL 

11.00 am - Men Foil Veterans (o40)
11.00 am - Woman Foil Veterans (o40)

12.00 am - Men Foil Seniors
12.00 Uhr - Woman Foil Seniors

13:30 am - Men Epee Veterans (o40)
13:30 am - Woman Epee Veterans (o40)

Sunday, 09th of June 2019

08.30 am - Men Foil U20
08.30 am - Woman Foil U20

09.00 am - Woman Foil U13
09.00 am - Woman Foil U14
09.00 am - Men Foil U13
09.00 am - Men Foil U14

12.00 am - Woman Epee Seniors

13.00 am - Men Epee Seniors

Monday, 10th of June 2019

08.30 am - Men Foil U17 TEAM
08.30 am - Woman Foil U17 TEAM

09.00 am - Men Foil U11
09.00 am - Men Foil U12
09.00 am - Men Epee U17

10.30 am - Woman Foil U11
10.30 am - Woman Foil U12

12.00 Uhr - Men Foil U10
12.00 Uhr - Woman Foil U10
12.00 Uhr - Woman Epee U17

Specified times are called times. Scratch after 15 minutes. Start after an additional 15 minutes.

Allowed Fencers

National and international fencers need a current German Fencing license, a FIE license or an equivalent license of their national federation.

All clothing must be in accordance with current FIE/DFB (German Fencing Federation) regulations.


Pullets and benjamins:

Round of Pools / Direct-Elimination *

Boys/girls, cadets, juniors, seniors, veterans:

Round of Pools / Direct-Elimination *

*For each competition the organising committee reserves the right to change the format which is the best suited to the number of fencers and time available.

Entry Fee


€15 per participant per category

€40 per team per category


€15 per participant per category

Payable in Cash, EC-Card (Visa, Maestro, Mastercard, American Express, V-Pay, Android-,Apple-Pay)


For 3 and up to 5 fencers from a club, one referee must be provided.

For six and more fencers two referees are necessary.

The naming of the referees must take place at registration.

Clubs unable to provide a second referee may pay a penalty of €60.

Referees are required to stay until the end of a tournament day.


€ 5,00 per round | € 2,00 per KO

Legal Responsibility

The organising committee cannot be held responsible for loss, injury or damage to any person or item belonging to those entered or spectating at the event.


Eintracht Duisburg 1848 e.V.
Margaretenstr. 18-20
47055 Duisburg

Philipp Gorray,

Tel: +49 177 455 36 15



Mehr Informationen zum Leon Paul U17-Cup finden Sie hier.


Fechthallen BSA-Wedau III
Margaretenstr. 20
47055 Duisburg

more information to directions.

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Blade-Size No. 0
Jacket / Pants / Mask 350N CE N1
Under Armor FIE-800N

Pupils           u10, 2008
Pupils           u11, 2007
Pupils           u12, 2006

Blade-Size No. 5
Jacket / Pants FIE-800N
Under Armor FIE-800N
Mask FIE-1600N

Benjamins    u13, 2005
Benjamins    u14, 2004

Cadets          u17, 2001-2005

Juniors         u20, 1998-2003

Seniors                 2000-1900

Veterans      o40,  1978-1900